Normalising the asset management industry

The first edition of the BEE.conomics Annual Transformation in South African asset management survey was published in 2009 at which time there were just 14 black-owned asset managers who, combined, managed R91 billion. Fast forward 13 years later, and today there are 51 black-owned asset managers managing close to R700 billion, indicating that black market share has been increasing steadily. Certainly, in the past couple of years the number of black private equity fund managers has grown
AlexForbes, South Africa’s largest investments multi-manager has launched a transformation policy to make an impactful contribution to the sustainability and relevance of the asset management industry in South Africa. The policy has set transformative criteria for supporting and selecting asset managers and stockbrokers with an emphasis on gender diversity to ensure more black females are included in critical strategic and investment decision roles.

To talk about this Michael Avery is joined by Lebo Thubisi, Head of Research at Alexforbes; Shafeeq Abrahams, Executive CE and PO of EPPF & Duane Cable, Head of SA Quality capability and Portfolio Manager at Ninety One