Future of work

Burnout. Isolation. Exhaustion. Lack of passion for the company's purpose. Every day it's another headline about how the pandemic-induced remote working environment has decimated once vibrant company cultures.
Yet employees are comfortable working remotely, with a Microsoft survey revealing that 76 percent not wanting to return to the office. And after two years of remote productivity, it makes sense (and pundits are telling us) that we can't expect people to return to the way things were pre-pandemic.
Business leaders have their work cut for them.
The last 24 months have changed everything. For businesses. For leaders. For employees. Now, as the dust settles, one fact becomes clear.

To better understand the state of the modern enterprise and how leaders are preparing for long-term success lets welcome Dashni Vilikazi, MD of THE Mediashop; Strini Naicker, vice president of commercial and content distribution at Paramount Africa; Joey Khuvutlu, MD of FCB & Sameera Mohamed, the HR director for Microsoft South Africa