The Week In Perspective

Wild swings in equity markets persist with each leg taking the indexes lower over on the US with the S&P now close to confirming bear market territory. Cryptos crashed on unstable coins.
Meanwhile the dollar surges and the rand's battle to keep up shows with a loss of 10.8% to the greenback in a month but ONLY down just over 1,4% year to date.
In the political economy a lack of mining cadastre system 10 years after the failure of SAMRAD looms large over the Mining Indaba… Today we still do not even have an adjudicated tender - and the integrity of the process already reeks of self-dealing and corruption.
And we've had updates on the much-vaunted operation Vulindlela and a rail policy White Paper, hoping to get rail reform back on track.

Lots to discuss with Warwick Lucas Head of Galileo Securities; Raymond Parsons, professor in the School of Business and Governance at Northwest University & Isaah Mhlanga, Chief Economist at Alex Forbes