'We want to debunk the myth that we are Xenophobic' - Operation Dudula outlines its goals

Operation Dudula has long held that it is not a xenephobic or violent movement and that it is being greatly misrepresented by the media and certain politicians.

Operation Dudula again formed a major feature of SA's news cycles following a death in Pimville in Soweto on Monday.

A group of people, allegedly South African residents of Pimville, together with Operation Dudula members from the community, marched on Monday to protest against continuous power outages due to cable theft. The group alleged that they could trace the theft to a group of undocumented foreign nationals, who live in the area. During a community march to confront the foreign nationals Kgomotso Vincent Diale, a father of two, died in circumstances which are under investigation by police.

Following Diale’s death Operation Dudula leader Nhlanhla 'Lux' addressed community members in Soweto, reiterating that the organisation and the people of the community are not vigilantes’ but that they have been misbranded by media houses.

In an attempt to allow Operation Dudula to clarify its mission, aims and purpose TimesLIVE allowed a national executive member and representative from the organisation, Nango Enoch, to outline their intentions and debunk what the movement believes to be misconceptions spread by the media.