Human rights: Some humans are more equal than others in SA

On March 21 1960 South African police gunned down unarmed anti-apartheid activists gathered in Sharpeville, near Johannesburg, who were protesting against the pass law system.
The massacre led to the deaths of 69 people and at least 180 others were seriously wounded. This moment in our history marked a turning point in the nation's struggle for freedom. Now every year in March we celebrate Human Rights Day to commemorate what it cost to secure equal basic human rights and dignity for all.
While many South Africans don’t feel that their human rights are protected and prioritised, Africans living in our country, our neighbours, feel they have been scapegoated and it is South Africans who are trying to strip them of their human rights and dignity.
Listen to the opinions of South Africans, foreign nationals, journalists and experts, including advocacy director in the Africa division at Human Rights Watch, Carine Kaneza Nantulya, and executive director of Amnesty International SA, Shenilla Mohamed.