Maxtec and BigFix - stopping cyberattackers in their tracks [promoted]

Irrespective of measures you have put in place and the regularity of your system diagnostics, cyberattacks are becoming ever more sophisticated. They are praying on all operating systems and the misguided belief that patching software is enough.
And distributed workforces have made the cybercrooks’ job all that much easier.
Cyberattacks and embedded ransomware will exploit your vulnerabilities without warning and sometimes over an extended period of time.
Together, Maxtec and BigFix can help companies significantly improve their security, lower costs and simplify endpoint management, while providing shared visibility and risk control between IT operations and security.
TechCentral speaks to Bret Lenmark, product marketing director at BigFix, and Praven Pillay, MD of Maxtec, to unpack this in more details and why Maxtec’s measure of success is directly proportional to a company’s reduced time to remediation.
This is an insightful conversation between two experienced executives who can help reduce your enterprise security risks through intelligent automation.
18 Mar 2022 English South Africa Technology · Business

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