mobiLearn's Hasmukh Gajjar on how online learning can uplift Africa [promoted]

If we are complacent, South Africa – and Africa – could become consumers of the fourth Industrial Revolution and not contributors to it.
This is one of the reasons ICT industry veteran Dr Hasmukh Gajjar wants to capitalise on the ubiquity of smartphones and make credible and useful educational material available for all.
Gajjar has over 25 years of experience in the technology sector and, while he has served as a strategic advisor and board chair of Vodacom and to other top businesses, his passion is for people and their upliftment.
Gajjar's mobiLearn is contributing to the development and upliftment of people in marginalised communities – and to the broader society – through smartphones, with much of what the company offers available free of charge.
In this podcast interview, learn more about these initiatives and why Gajjar is so passionate about digital literacy.