Reinventing learning: a major focus for HP in Africa

An interview with Bradley Pulford, MD of HP South Africa, on the importance of technology to lifelong learning.

Technology has, now more than ever, become a critical component to a learner's journey and ongoing success after school.
The chalkboard and textbooks serve a purpose, but having access to an infinite wealth of information, dedicated resources and online learning through a practical 15-inch screen is radically more beneficial.
Bradley Pulford, vice president and MD of HP Africa, joins the TechCentral podcast to talk about some of the offerings HP has in the market to empower Africa.
While one would assume processing speeds, storage capacities and other important technical specifications would be at the forefront of the conversation, this was not the case. Pulford was very clear that just as important are security tools. He also elaborated on the fact that we all know that having access to a laptop device is a privilege but knowing what to do with it and having access to the materials is life changing.
For more insights as a learner, a teacher or, indeed, as a parent, have a quick listen to this frank conversation and be reassured that HP is far more than just a technology hardware provider.
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Learn more about the programmes discussed in this interview:
The HP Idea (Innovation and Digital Education Academy) programme offers teachers and educators the opportunity to create digital capabilities based on educational frameworks from leading international universities.
HP Life (Learning Initiative for Entrepreneurs) is a free skills-training programme for entrepreneurs, business owners and lifelong learners all over the world.
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