The biggest story of our lives

Peter Bruce speaks to author and journalist Simon Mundy about his groundbreaking new book, Race For Tomorrow, gripping, real-time dispatches from the frontlines of the way climate change is reshaping our world. From Mongolia to California, Israel and Brazil to Ethiopia and Iceland, humans are suffering from events they cannot predict or control while others experiment with technologies to slow down rising temperatures or to take advantage of them. Mundy, now Moral Money Editor at the Financial Times, is a treasure trove of stories and while he is in no doubt the world is in deep trouble, he’s also seen enough to reassure himself that humans are smart enough to stave off the worst. That’s not to say nothing changes. In fact, everything changes. After the last Ice Age, at took 15 000 years for sea levels to rise 120m. Today our ice is melting much, much faster. Take a deep breath.