How will Private equity respond to rising rate environment?

The past year has seen exceptional activity for private equity, especially in Africa.
With economies across the continent still struggling in the grip of the pandemic after 2020 and vaccine rollouts lagging behind those of developed nations, expectations were set low.
But by the end of the first half of 2021, roughly R20bn in private equity investments had been made across the continent and total investments for the year were set to exceed those of 2020.
While the past two years have shown just how difficult it is to be certain of anything, that’s a promising sign going into 2022. But numbers alone don’t tell us everything we should be on the lookout for over the course of the next year.
We should also look at the overall investor environment (which is increasingly influenced by concerns around the natural environment) as well as growth areas and industries. With rates set to rise, how will Private equity respond to rising rate environment?

To talk about this Michael Avery is joined by Samantha Pokroy, founder and CEO of Sanari Capital; John Bellew, Head of Private Equity at Bowmans; Langa Madonko, SAVCA Board member and new Deputy President of Absip & Andrew Dewar, Managing Partner at Rockwood