Interview: IBM’s Phil Anderson on ethics and AI [promoted]

As business transformation services leader at IBM South Africa, Phil Anderson’s portfolio is a tech geek’s dream job.
Creating ways for companies to embrace blockchain, transformative business applications, robotics and artificial intelligence is all part of his domain.
He joins us in this episode of the TechCentral podcast to unpack AI and the ethical concerns around the use of the technology.
Anderson says ethical choices need to drive AI deployments. “If technology uses the past to predict the future, how do we drive transformation without deliberate, ethical rules to support this transformational objective?” he asks.
Anderson unpacks the five fundamentals for a successful AI deployment, namely “explainability”, fairness, robustness, trust and privacy.
For a starting point, he suggests choosing a small area with a clear business challenge that can deliver value and get it operational – in eight to 12 weeks – to see immediate AI value.
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