IBM and Salesforce: A partnership you should know more about [promoted]

This episode dives into the world of digital transformation from the front end with and IBM Consulting.
Shaun Paul de Caires, capability lead for IBM’s Salesforce practice, talks all things customer relationship management in this podcast.
De Caires says this is not a new partnership, and that IBM has a strong Salesforce relationship that spans two decades. It now has a fast-growing team in the South African office and there is focus on attracting consultants.
De Caires is quick to dispel the myth that IBM is only for large companies and Salesforce only for sales-focused areas. “Our ideal customer is one with a multitude of challenges and ambitions that wants to put its clients at the centre of its business through the effective use of technology,” he says.
Transformation of this nature is complicated, with multiple components intersecting, and this requires solid management. De Caires says consideration needs to be given to the following fundamental areas: data, integration, infrastructure, security and the application ecosystem – all areas where IBM is ideally placed to assist customers.
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