Positioning for rising inflation and interest rates

Central bank decisions are the theme of the week, with the Bank of England, the Bank of Japan, the European Central Bank and the US Federal Reserve all meeting in the coming days.
The Fed is set to be the most highly-anticipated, with analysts expecting central bankers stateside to increase the tapering of its bond-buying programme to $30bn per month from the current $15bn, in the face of sustained and growing consumer inflation.
Rising interest rates and inflation are in the news. For many, this can impact one’s financial quality of life as affording usual comforts becomes increasingly more expensive.
But what does this mean for your investment strategy and portfolio construction into the New Year?

Michael Avery is joined by Peter Little, Fund Manager at Anchor Capital; Sumesh Chetty, Portfolio Manager Ninety One & Old Mutual Wealth Investment Strategist, Jason Swartz