Digital transformation shouldn't be scary, say AWCape and Sage [promoted]

Sage partner AWCape has not been immune to the impact of digital transformation. Selling various “as-a-service” offerings, the company has embraced the change to what’s needed from Sage business partners and what customers want.
Newly appointed AWCape MD Jeff Ryan talks in this podcast about the company’s own maturation and explores some of the challenges faced by South African businesses when considering cloud applications.
Gerhard Hartman, vice-president for medium business for Sage Africa and the Middle East, joins the discussion to talk about solving business problems and eliminating complexity by using technology to remove the manual work. Some benefits are obvious, but some are unexpected and welcomed in these tough times.
Ryan goes into good detail on what a customer should think about when considering a move into cloud applications. This often helps clients modernise their environments and frees up budget to be used in areas of innovation.
This deep dive into the world of partners and Sage is an interesting episode with guests who are both knowledgeable about the space.
Enjoy the discussion.