Inside the fascinating world of video surveillance technology [promoted]

In this podcast interview, Rudi Potgieter, executive head of Guardian Eye at Vox, talks about the immense opportunity for enhancing video surveillance footage to add real value.
With over 2 500 petabytes (1PB = 1 000TB) of video being created every day, the time for automation is here.
Potgieter examines the maturing of security monitoring technologies, from screen review to tripwire alarms and into the realm of deep-learning automation.
With the cloud services that are built into Vox’s Guardian Eye solutions, security is taken to the next level. Intelligent analytics, proactive alerts and elimination of false alarms are all now the norm.
Potgieter also talks about everyday applications such as smart home monitoring, office automation and retail business reviews.
If you are using video surveillance – and, frankly, even if you aren’t – you should listen to this episode.