Reality bites for restaurants

The past year-and-a-half has brought countless challenges for restaurants, from the early days when restaurant operators were forced to think on their feet as sudden shutdown orders brought dine-in business to a halt, to current struggles with cash flow and vaccinations.
During the course of the pandemic, restaurants have had to reinvent themselves countless times - ramping up off-premises sales, exploring virtual brands and rallying around their communities to support people in need.
Right now the industry needs those same communities to rally around it.
South Africa, like most countries, can’t afford for its hospitality industry to fail. With it would go thousands of businesses – cheesemakers, farmers, bakers and winemakers – and millions of jobs.
And the hospitality industry in South Africa faces another complication in that it leans heavily on tourism.
To talk about what happens next for Restaurants Michael Avery is joined by Grace Harding, CEO Ocean Basket; Catharina Bester, Marketing Manager: McCain Foodservice & Retail; Daniel Goldberg, Co-founder of financier Bridgement