How Investec is driving a security-focused internal culture [promoted]

Aashika Bava, head of security awareness training at Investec, believes cyber-awareness programmes are crucial in the fight against cybercrime.
In this episode of the podcast, brought to you by Ava Security, Bava unpacks what’s involved and why Investec appointed a senior manager to drive this area of its business.
“Compliance is not the aim; rather it’s about changing behaviour and impacting the culture,” says Bava.
Bava explains that her team’s aim is to impact users in a positive way to change their behaviour – to be more aware of threats and to clear out the noise through deliberate, relevant training. The goal is to move from a paranoid state of panic to one of calm preparedness.
This episode of the podcast is an interesting deep-dive into how Investec has taken the security message to each employee and why this is important.
Bava provides good tips on humanising the challenge, exploring ideas about how to educate and maintain user buy-in effectively. She reminds us that in a “work from anywhere” world, we should not forget security best practices.