Security starts with your users. Ava’s Ran Pugach explains why

Ran Pugach, chief product and development officer at Ava Security, joins the podcast to unpack the role of users in the world of cybersecurity.
The first episode in this three-part series focuses on the very real insider threat posed to organisations by insiders.
Users, Pugach says, are not cyber experts -- this is a domain for specialists. But users can have a big impact on an organisational security profile.
In the podcast, he shares the three-step prevention process employed by Ava – inform, offer alternatives and block – as well as other practical tips to ensure that your users are better informed and aware of security issues as well as how software security scales to suit a dispersed workforce.
Making progress in cybersecurity is actually fairly simple, he says: “Identify and measure security issues, interfere and identify troubled users, and then train them.”
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