S2. Ep.3 Full episode: The small shifts that drive change and a systems approach to tackling youth unemployment

The record-high youth unemployment statistics both nationally and internationally can be overwhelming. In season 2, episode 2 of the Just for a Change podcast, we explore the power of a systems thinking approach when attempting to slay this ‘giant’ of an issue. Systems thinking is a lens that helps to understand the grand scheme of things and how its parts interact in order to determine sensible intervention points for impactful change.

The guest host for this episode, Luvuyo Maseko, heads up the youth innovation portfolio at the Bertha Centre for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is joined by Kristal Duncan-Williams from Youth Capital, Dr Solange Rosa, director of the Bertha Centre and Zimbabwean-based Bertha Scholar, Hillary Musarurwa. What are some small shifts that can drive systemic change? How is the Youth Development Collab driving this conversation and how can we tackle these issues head-on so that we don’t have another generation of young people repeating cycles of unemployment and poverty?

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