Money for nothing and your pills for free

If you’re running a large workforce and the guy cleaning the entrance to the lift you ride to the top floor has nothing to fall back on when he’s sick, shame on you. Not every company can put the entire workforce on Discovery or Bonitas but in the edition of Podcasts from the Edge Peter Bruce talks to Dr Reinder Nauta, an entrepreneurial medical man who reckons he can get blue collar employees private sector primary care for under R100 a month, per employee. Is that really possible? Nauta has signed up some 3 000 South African GPs reckons he can get your lift entrance cleaner into the same doctors rooms as the CEO with little more than a WhatsApp exchange. Back of an envelope, he reckons the potential market for his product could be 20m people. Put another way, 20m fewer people wasting time standing in queues at public hospitals…. listen in.
22 Sep 2021 English South Africa News Commentary · Politics

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Leadership is about the country, not the party

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