How technology is transforming the customer experience in SA [promoted]

The technology landscape in South Africa has changed enormously in the past decade, helping make the country a hotbed for innovation in contact centre analytics.

That’s the view of Frank Sherlock, vice president of international operations at CallMiner, and Peter Flanagan, MD of Genii Analytics, who joined the TechCentral podcast to talk about why they’re excited about the opportunities in the local market.

Sherlock kicks off the discussion with a view on the shifting dynamics in the South African technology space, how companies are taking advantage of the latest innovation, and why he believes the country is well positioned to tap into the global business processing outsourcing opportunity.

Flanagan shares his views on the South African opportunity before he and Sherlock expand on their partnership in the local market – how it came about and how CallMiner and Genii Analytics work together to serve clients.

They also cast an eye to the future, looking at where the next battleground will be in competitive differentiation, including the impact of technologies such as real-time analytics and agent guidance as well as advancements in artificial intelligence and predictive analytics.

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