#9  Do female human rights defenders get the protection they need in Kenya?

In today's episode, we will be focusing on Kenya. Unfortunately, arbitrary arrests, police violence, forced disappearances and intimidation attempts against the civilian population are part of the sad everyday life in Kenya. In recent years, an increasing number of reports has noted the growing difficulties of human rights organizations in Kenya. The scope for action is shrinking. Particularly, legislative proposals have restricted the scope of action of Kenyan civil society in recent years. The criminalization of human rights defenders has intensified, especially for women. Arbitrary arrests and lengthy court proceedings have made the work of human rights defenders in marginalised settlements more difficult.

Host Nangamso Kwinana has two guests from Kenya joining her. First up is Rachael Mwikali who is a grassroots woman human rights defender, Pan African Feminist, community organiser, Gender Justice and SRHR activist.
With her is Juliet Wanjira. Juliet is co-founder of Mathare Social Justice Centre and one time convener of women in social a justice centre. She is a grassroots human rights defender and social justice activist. Listen in to hear their story.