Interview: The digital economy is open to everyone [promoted]

As surprising as it sounds, there are still businesses that operate without an integrated accounting, payroll or payment software to help them.
That’s one of the concerns aired by Viresh Harduth, vice president of small business, Sage Africa and Middle East, in a podcast interview with TechCentral.
Harduth unpacks some of his essential tips for small businesses, explaining why this is the most exciting sector to work in and how Sage is diving in to help customers affected by the market turbulence experienced in South Africa of late.
He also shares how Sage evolved almost overnight to a remote working environment and believes that “everyone has earned the right to a healthy and flexible work-life balance”.
“Over the past seven years, technology has evolved so much that the products and solutions previously only accessible to enterprise businesses are now affordable to small businesses. Barriers to entry are the lowest they have ever been for digital adoption, and small businesses should take advantage now,” says Harduth. He also discusses Sage’s new Sage technical releases – which point to a robust road map.
His passion for small business is reflected in his commitment to the Sage team.