The Business Of Food Security

Based in Nigeria and the US, Ndidi is an internationally recognised entrepreneur and expert in the African agricultural ecosystem. She offers insights into the interconnectivity of food, farming and factory, and also comments on the challenges posed by the food fraud industry.
31 Aug 2021 English South Africa Christianity · Business

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When Capital Meets Eternity (podcast)

A podcast series encouraging faith-based business leaders and entrepreneurs to reframe their marketplace calling. In this episode, Pieter shares the history and heart behind Mergon's commitment to advancing the kingdom of God - by being a resource partner in both the business and non-profit sectors.
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Generational Purpose And Building A Prosperous Africa

An expert in the Kenyan law, energy and structured finance sectors, Nelson is passionate about the concept of a God-given generational purpose – that each generation has its own contribution to make, while being connected to a bigger narrative.
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Bridging the US-Africa Business Gap

Paul knows what it takes to successfully sell high quality products from Africa in the American retail market. Convinced that business is supposed to 'do good', he offers practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs, and identifies four trends in the agricultural trade relationship between the two continents.
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Redemptive Practices In Tourism

With a distinguished track record in the Southern African business tourism sector, Septi Bukula shares his views on redemptive practices that could lead to true transformation.
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The Transforming Power of Generosity

Bertie Lourens is the CEO of a waste management and recycling company in South Africa. He shares how facing bankruptcy and a personal health scare radically changed his approach to both his family life and business ownership structure.
14 May 2021 27 min