Pinnacle’s Nyeleti Shikwambane on being a female leader in IT [promoted]

This episode of the podcast brings a fitting end to Women’s Month as we get to know Nyeleti Shikwambane, a mother of four who is also the Huawei Enterprise product manager, IP, at Pinnacle.
Speaking from home – Nyeleti has welcomed a new baby into her life a week ago – she shares her ups and downs being a female leader in the still male-dominated world of IT.
Her insight into life and management, and her advice for young entrants into the working world, make for an interesting interview. Shikwambane has an open, candid outlook, which is laced with optimism; she is a great example of hard work. From humble beginnings to a high performing leader, she shares it all.
“Leadership in IT has a place for us all. I don’t want to manage like a man; I bring a motherly side, which is part of me. It makes me special and my team responds to that,” she says.
Enjoy the discussion!
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