Protecting unstructured data doesn’t have to be a nightmare [promoted]

By 2025, global data creation is projected to grow to more than 180 zettabytes, according to Statista. This growth does not always happen within neat boundaries, nor within systems of record – rather, unstructured formats make up much of the critical business data driving the economy.
This poses massive risks to businesses from both malicious sources and innocent employees.
Praven Pillay, MD of Maxtec, and Kfir Kimhi, co-founder and CEO of ITsMine, join the TechCentral podcast to discuss challenges being faced by business and the associated risks, and the solutions to them.
ITsMine is an Israeli company offering is a multidimensional data loss prevention (DLP) tool that is easy to install, simple to manage and powerful in its operational focus.
Kimhi explains that the DLP focus is now everyone’s challenge, and can have significant impact on any organisation, but the solutions do not have to be overly complicated nor expensive to deploy.
“Within one day, we can have a working solution in a customer’s environment,” says Kimhi.
Join us to learn how this can be achieved, as well as hear about an exciting offer from Maxtec to coincide with its ITsMine South Africa launch.
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