Managing cash flow for business growth

Financial Mail and Investor’s Monthly editor Rob Rose, speaks to Itumeleng Merafe and Hazel Banach from Investec’s business lending department to gain insight on how to ensure a business doesn’t run out of liquidy.
26 Aug 2021 English South Africa Business · Investing

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How to chart a course through a stormy sea of global supply-chain issues

Is effective supply-chain planning possible in today’s volatile market? In this episode of the Investec Business Made Human podcast, hosted by Business Day columnist Michael Avery, Investec for Business’ head of corporate accounts, Greg Cline, and head of logistics, Denys Hobson, unpack the logistics problems plaguing SA importers and share…
3 Aug 2022 20 min

Programmable Banking set to change the financial space

In a local industry first, Investec recently launched Programmable Banking for business and private banking clients, giving customers the power to craft individualised banking services. Investec experts Devina Maharaj and Neil Withers fill Business Day columnist Michael Avery in on the details.
21 Jun 2022 21 min

Navigating volatility in global markets

Are global markets more volatile today than they used to be? Is volatility necessarily bad for business? And how should businesses and investors be responding to it to mitigate its effects? Investec experts Dhiren Mansingh and Tertia Jacobs share their views with Business Day columnist Michael Avery.
3 Jun 2022 20 min

Growth opportunities and strategies for business

In a world of numbers and high-powered deals, it’s not uncommon to forget the human side of business. The side that’s about relationships, unquestioned support, and the comfort of knowing that someone has your back. That is why you need a banking partner with an Out of the Ordinary approach,…
10 Sep 2021 16 min