Zero Trust: The marathon businesses need to be ready to run [promoted]

First Distribution supports multiple partners, but one of the fastest growing is Trend Micro, which has been offering world-class security solutions for more than 30 years now.
In this episode of the podcast, host Daniel Robus chats to Trend Micro’s technical lead for sub-Saharan Africa, Emmanuel Tzingakis, and First Distribution GM for cybersecurity Brad Stein.
Security is a hot topic in the IT sector, and for good reason. An impatient workforce, the need to work from just about anywhere, legacy applications and rapid digital transformation are all contributing to a whirlpool of potential security issues.
This podcast discussion unpacks some of the challenges faced by clients and breaks down how to get the most impact for customers.
Security should form part of an integrated business strategy and cannot be seen as a “silver bullet”. With threat actors becoming even more agile than businesses, security teams are more hard-pressed than ever to counter the threat.
Zero Trust is the objective, and this requires constant review to ensure the business stays ahead of the threat curve. This calls for a means to get insights to drive action.
Tzingakis unpacks the Trend Micro solution to achieving this. The solution is not a rip and replace, but rather an augmentation strategy designed to leave no holes.
Both Stein and Tzingakis have great insights to share on the subject – don’t miss the discussion!
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