Manufacturing - a gangster’s paradise

Manufacturing was starting to show tentative signs of recovery before the riots. Let’s not forget that the sector was on its knees before Covid struck due to a range of factors from loadshedding to steel input costs, disagreements on how to pursue localisation, issues around competitiveness and dealing with leaky customs and the construction mafia. But the manufacturing sector is high on the government’s agenda for the economic rebuild, and the contribution it could make towards creating sustainable jobs is at least appreciated. Michael Avery talks to ​

Ayanda Mngadi, Hulamin Group Exec for Corporate Affairs (and also MC Chair);

Webster Mfebe, Chief Executive Officer of the South African Forum of Civil Engineering Contractors (SAFCEC);

Philippa Rodseth, Executive Director of the Manufacturing Circle &

Peter Barnard, a partner at Cox Yeats Attorneys to analyse the picture that emerged in the wake of the unrest?