Unrest rattles shibboleths

Riots and looting have largely died down into day 6 with some incidents of arson still being reported as the South African government is starting to assert the third force narrative behind the protests. But we must be mindful that this a convenient excuse for a government to use to cover up a lack of growth and job creating policies since 2007. So what is behind the scenes that have been lead stories around the world and showing the beloved country with all her warts to a global audience. Michael Avery; Roelf Meyer, Chief Government negotiator during the democratic transition in South Africa, former Minister of Constitutional Development, and currently a director of the In Transformation Initiative; Matthew Parks from Cosatu; Peter Attard Montalto, Head of Capital Markets Research at Intellidex and Gavin Kelly, head of the Read Freight Association pick their way through the detritus of the last few days.