The 77 Percent – Should voting be made compulsory?

Young people in The Gambia and Nigeria aren't showing up in large numbers to register to vote in presidential elections. And that development has left some people suggesting that voting should be made mandatory. Find out what the youth think in this week's edition of The 77 Percent.
22 Jun 2021 English Germany Society & Culture

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The 77 Percent — Do children ruin marriages?

Becoming parents is something many couples look forward to – getting to know a tiny baby, raising a child, developing a relationship with a maturing son or daughter. And building a family together. Sounds nice, but do children ruin romantic relationships?
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The 77 Percent —What are the solutions to youth unemploment

Many countries continue to grapple with a high number of unemployed youth. In Uganda, for example, about 1.2 million graduates are currently jobless and many more are entering the job market every year. And South Africa has once again taken the top spot on the continent in terms of the…
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The 77 Percent — Global celebrities snub Africa in world tours

Africa is almost always excluded from major world tours organized by global record labels. On this week's show we discuss why celebrities like Beyonce ignore Africa in their world tours, despite having a huge fan base. We get to hear from some of the youth in Ghana and South Africa.
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The 77 Percent —Corruption in South Sudan and Cameroon

Did you know that South Sudan is the world's second most corrupt country, after Somalia, according to a recent TI report? Equatorial Guinea, Burundi, Zimbabwe, Liberia, and Cameroon are among African countries that scored the lowest in the fight against corruption. Although Cameroon has imprisoned nearly 40 former ministers, including…
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