Interview: The modern threat landscape - identify, isolate, respond [promoted]

In today’s episode, TechCentral is joined by Praven Pillay, MD of Maxtec, and Andrew Parker, chief technology officer of Teknov8, to talk about the modern threat landscape.
Pillay has 25 years’ IT experience under the belt and is well known in the South African technology market for managing a tight team. Parker is a South African now based in London who spends his time between consulting, architecting and commenting on IT solutions.
Between them, they have many years of cybersecurity knowledge, and both have dived headlong into Acronis Cyber Protect. This lively discussion led to both thought leadership and a product exploration with a security focus.
Parker is quick to point out that “the crooks know as much about you as you allow them to”, meaning our online lives are happy hunting grounds for hackers and other criminals.
The sheer volume of threat management required today means that intuitive views of the network are simply not good enough, and the ever-changing environments require a higher level of enterprise protection.
This, hand in hand with constant training of staff to be aware of and alert to potential threats, is the first step in good management. But, as Parker points out, defence is 99.9% effective, leaving a 0.1% vulnerability where a break can occur -- and that’s what companies need to be ready for.
“It is not if, but when, the bad guys get through your firewall. The success is determined by how quickly you identify, isolate and respond to the threat,” said Pillay.
Listen to this podcast to hear how Acronis Cyber Protect can take the worry out of waging war against cybercriminals, what free giveaway Maxtec is offering to customers, and an exciting announcement!
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