NBConsult's Nicolas Blank on the fast-changing world of IT backup

The TechCentral podcast often focuses on large enterprises. Today, though, we’re doing a deep dive into the world of small and medium enterprise solutions.
Nicolas Blank, CEO of NBConsult, has a long history of providing customer-focused solutions across Africa, the UK and Hong Kong.
His mantra is to focus on simple solutions that work. “We innovate to enable our clients in practical ways,” he said.
This led to NBCube, a recent addition to NBConsult’s portfolio that offers SMEs an affordable backup solution with the features that most people would expect to get only at the enterprise level. “If you don’t want to be eating pizza at 3am while trying to restore critical data, speak to us.”
From order to operation, NBCube is enabled in hours, giving peace of mind to customers who have better things to do than worry about losing data.
This podcast dives into the world of data backup and what it means for South African businesses. “A backup is only a backup if it can be restored.”
Enjoy the discussion!