S1 Ep.11 Youth sector - changing the way we’re supporting youth TOGETHER

With roughly 200 000 social benefit organisations listed on the department of social development, many of them working with young people it’s clear that there is fragmentation within the youth sector. The role of technology in driving integration and using technology as a leverage point to create more opportunities for young people is something worth looking at because technology has often been referred to as the ‘great equaliser’. It’s a little more complex than that though.

In this episode’s feature story Kentse Radebe talks to Jason Bygate from Capacitate - a social enterprise driving social and economic change across Africa as well as head of Bertha’s youth portfolio, Luvuyo Maseko. While most social benefit organisations would say that they would like to be more collaborative what are the issues that keep them from doing so? How can technology be used to make work in this sector more efficient and effective? What about the digital divide? How are we preparing young people for their futures? You don’t want to miss this discussion.

In the positive outlook segment, host Fergus Turner, chats to Tarryn Abrahams from Activate. Initiated in January 2012 Activate Change Drivers’ objective is to equip young people of South Africa to be innovative active citizens, influencing and provoking positive change. Find out more about the excellent work being done to drive change in the youth sector.

The links that you need to know about:

Capacitate: https://www.capacitate.co.za/
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A comparative study on the response of NPOs in education to the COVID-19 pandemic: https://www.jet.org.za/covid-19-research-response/south-african-bootcamp/theme-2
Stats SA: http://www.statssa.gov.za/publications/P0318/P03182018.pdf
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