e4: How regulatory technology can assist banks to transform digitally [promoted]

To keep appraised of all regulatory issues in South Africa while digitally transforming is often arduous. Simply paying attention is no longer enough, which is why regulatory technology, or regtech, now plays a crucial role and can significantly assist in ensuring all digital transformation projects are successful and compliant.
That's the view of Andrea Tucker, head of research & development and strategic projects at e4, who was a guest on the TechCentral podcast.
In the podcast, Tucker talks about e4 and its areas of focus before turning to the subject of regtech and what the short- and long-term benefits are of embracing a regtech strategy.
Has the Covid-19 pandemic put extra pressure on companies to embrace a digital approach to regulation? If so, what’s driving it?
Also, regulation is a broad field. Should companies be applying regtech to every aspect of their business where regulation happens to play a role?
Tucker answers these questions as well as touching on which industries are doing regtech well, including a look at the banking space in South Africa.
What is the impact of privacy legislation like Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation and South Africa’s Protection of Personal Information Act in the regtech field? And how are shifting consumer habits since the start of the pandemic affecting regtech strategies and why?
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