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Welcome to "Inquisitive Interactions," a monthly podcast channel that brings you engaging radio interviews exploring a diverse array of general interest topics. Join us as we dive into captivating discussions, where our passionate hosts engage with experts and enthusiasts to uncover the fascinating stories and insights behind various subjects. From science and culture to history and technology, "Inquisitive Interactions" is your gateway to thought-provoking dialogues that shed light on the world's many wonders. Each month, we'll unveil a new, intriguing episode, so you're sure to discover something that piques your curiosity and sparks your intellect. Subscribe and embark on an intellectual journey with us!
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3 Episodes

The Labour Zone

Mark Siddons, with 38 years of hands-on HR experience in Southern Africa's Mining, Manufacturing, and Retail sectors, presents a monthly feature on labor practices, law, and HR. From national wage negotiations to strike handling, CCMA cases, and leadership in Bargaining Councils, Mark's success stories include skills development, training, and layoff…
14 Nov 26 min

The Hobby Zone

Presented by Judy Roberson, The Hobby Zone is a monthly segment that introduces and delves into diverse hobbies that could capture the community's interest. Today, Judy discusses with Ursula Pranic ways to add a touch of jazz to your worn-out denim jeans.
10 Nov 25 min

The Astro Zone

Join astrologer Anya Kotzuba each month as she delves into the celestial influences shaping your life. Anya's deep insights and cosmic wisdom provide a roadmap for your journey, helping you navigate the twists and turns of the cosmic dance. Discover how the stars align with your destiny in this enlightening…
1 Nov 20 min