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All that matters about money with Paul Lewis. News of savings and investments, credit cards and loans, pensions, banking, tax, benefits and giving to charity. The UK's premier weekly round-up of personal finance from the BBC.
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Pensions and the Coronation

The prospects for many current employees hoping for a comfortable retirement looks "risky at best". That's the warning from the Institute for Fiscal Studies, which has started a major review of pensions together with Financial Fairness Trust, a charity funded by the investment firm Abrdn. We'll speak to the IFS…
27 May 25 min

Money Box Live: Small Businesses

Small businesses represent as much as 99% of UK companies, according to government figures. They employ about half of the workforce and often contribute a vital service to local communities. The small business sector has been facing significant challenges - higher inflation, more expensive business loans and uncertain markets. In…
24 May 28 min

Self Employment and Scam Texts

This week, the Office for National Statistics employment data showed that one reason behind the increase in the number of people in work is the growth in self-employment. Though the total numbers are still below pre-pandemic levels, more people are now starting a new business. We'll hear from four entrepreneurs…
20 May 25 min

Money Box Live: Babies and Toddlers

Raising children is expensive. It’s estimated that it costs over £200,000 to raise a child from birth to 18 in the UK. In this podcast we hear from parents about how they're managing these costs from new-born baby necessities to nursery fees. The experts on the panel are, Anna Stevenson,…
17 May 29 min

Healthy Start and Digital Memories

It's estimated that more than 200 thousand low income parents --in England, Wales and Northern Ireland -- are missing out on government assistance to help them buy food for their children. The Healthy Start Scheme offers money for milk, fruit and vegetables - but uptake is well below the government's…
13 May 26 min

Money Box Live: Learning Disability and Neurodiversity

Trying to understand interest rates, credit card changes and mortgage deals is an effort for most of us, so how do you manage if you have a learning disability? Dan Pepper, a former Paralympian joins presenter, Ruth Alexander, to talk about how he manages his money, and what challenges he…
10 May 29 min

How to grow an entrepreneur

What are your children up to this weekend? Many will be busy eating chocolate eggs and enjoying their Easter break from school. Some youngsters are out there running businesses, balancing their books and even turning a profit. In this Money Box Easter special, we meet some of those remarkable kids…
6 May 25 min

Money Box Live: New Financial Year

From 6th April, there's set to be a host of financial changes. From household bills, changes to pensions, national insurance and help for energy bills. Almost every household will be affected in some way. We breakdown the main things that you need to know and put your questions to a…
3 May 30 min

Your Household Bills: Lincoln Live

In this special extended programme broadcast live from Lincoln, the Money Box team covers all you need to know as the financial year comes to an end and a new one begins. For many household bills are going up, from broadband costs and water bills to council tax - but…
29 Apr 24 min