Namibia Future Media Nedbank Green Champions Series 2023

Nedbank Green Champions Series 2023

"Radiowave presents the Nedbank Green Champions Series - telling the stories of ordinary Namibians who have taken on the extraordinary challenge of the Nedbank Desert Dash. The Nedbank Green Champions Series, only on Radiowave."
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6 Episodes

Heinrich Joodt

A first time Dasher, Heinrich is riding as part of the Nedbank Southern Africa team with colleagues from various other countries. He says he's a bit nervous but hopes his past running, and active lifestyle will count in his favour.
17 Oct 2023 8 min

Roger Suren

One of the younger cyclists but with an already impressive list of achievements, Roger tells us he likes the hills, looks up to Alex Millar and Mathieu van der Poel, and let's us in on what he thinks the first things he'll eat and drink after the event are.
16 Oct 2023 5 min

Delssia Janse van Vuuren

15 year-old Delssia is taking on her first ever Nedbank Desert Dash as part of a youth team, she talks to us about her cycling journey, the team and how they plan on preparing, and who her cycling hero is.
16 Oct 2023 6 min

Melissa Hinz

The team leader of the Namibian ladies cycling team reflects on whether she prefers to race 2-person or 4-person, reminds us of the beauty that is on offer during the Nedbank Desert Dash, and shares what could be, not only the best Desert Dash training advice, but the best relationship…
16 Oct 2023 10 min

Irene Steyn

Choosing to do a 2-person Nedbank Desert Dash this year rather than another solo, Irene tells us about preparation and training, why the Nedbank Desert Dash is such a special race, and what it means to earn a 'hardegat award'.
16 Oct 2023 9 min

Genevieve Weber

As a coach Genevieve talks to us about training, nutrition, how to not 'get ahead of yourself' on race day, and her favourite Nedbank Desert Dash moments.
16 Oct 2023 11 min