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Promises Kept with Courtney Reissig

What does covenant have to do with 21st century Christians? Courtney Reissig would argue that covenant was an important aspect that Jesus addressed in his life, death and suffering. And I don't know about you, but when something is important to Jesus, I would listen up!
2 Mar 48 min

Trembling Faith with Taylor Turkington

Why do terrible things happen to good people? Why do God's people suffer injustice when a good, all-powerful and all-wise God is running the show? Taylor Turkington might have a surprising answer to these questions. And it's not just her answer... join us as we dive into the realistic but…
24 Feb 58 min

Friend-ish with Kelly Needham

If Christians are called to authentic Christ-centred community, why are we doing friendship the way the world does? When Kelly Needham noticed worldly brokenness and disfunction in the Christian friendships around her she started a journey through the bible to discover what God has to say about healthy, flourishing friendships.
17 Feb 42 min

Waiting for his heart with Joy McClain

God tells us to love our enemies. But what about loving and honoring a husband who chooses to walk away from his family, setting up residence in a prison of addiction? "I will honor my vow, no matter what," were words spoken by this young bride, believing in the promise…
10 Feb 46 min

Your Single Happiness with Ryan Peter

Can we be happy when we’re single? How much is marriage our decision and our effort, and how much do we leave up to God to decide? And what the heck do we do about staying pure during the wait? After struggling with his own self-worth issues and these questions,…
25 Nov 2023 48 min

Purposefooled with Kelly Needham

Author and Bible teacher Kelly Needham reveals how we've been fooled into chasing meaning in all the wrong places, identifies the source of our hunger for the extraordinary, and shows us the steps we can take today to build a purpose-filled reality without turning our lives upside-down.
11 Nov 2023 58 min

A Single Life to Live with Hannah Schermerhorn

When Hannah Schermerhorn was engaged to be married in her final year of studying engineering at college she never would have guessed that seven years down the line she would be writing a book on Singleness. But God has a sense of humor. Today Hannah shares how God taught her…
4 Nov 2023 57 min

From Occultism to Christ with Jac Marino

Jac Marino spent years looking for freedom and purpose in all the wrong places but when addiction and occultism finally brought her face to face with the demonic one cry to Jesus started her miraculous journey from darkness to light.
28 Oct 2023 1 hr 23 min

Being God's Image with Carmen Joy Imes

Did you know that you were created in God's image? It's possible that you have heard that term describing how God created humanity, but what does it mean? On this Episode of Women Today, Carmen Joy Imes challenges us to consider what the rest of the Old Testament has to…
21 Oct 2023 51 min

From neediness to freedom with Paula Marsteller

Paula Hendricks Marsteller no longer tries to catch guys’ attention by swallowing live goldfish, arm wrestling, and jumping down flights of stairs. Instead, she blogs for teen girls and women by day and journals her adventures by night. Paula wrote about her journey from neediness to freedom in "Confessions of…
14 Oct 2023 44 min

Peace in Grief with Athane Scholtz

Athane is a communication specialist, journalist, author, editor and speaker from George, South Africa. Her extraordinary grief recovery experience following the death of her husband, Desmond, prompted her to write Peace in Grief, and has led to a Christian-based grief support ministry.
7 Oct 2023 42 min

The Great Commission for the rest of us with Amy DiMarcangelo

Amy DiMarcangelo is the author of A Hunger for More: Finding Satisfaction in Jesus When the Good Life Doesn’t Fill You and a regular contributor to The Gospel Coalition. Amy lives with her husband and three children in South Jersey with her MA in theological studies at Westminster Theological Seminary.
30 Sep 2023 44 min

Give a Child a Family with Monica Woodhouse

At 17 years of age God arrested Monica Woodhouse's heart with a desire to see orphaned, abandoned and neglected children nurtured in the context of a family. At present Monica has over 40 years of experience of caring for children, and an active role of promoting the rights of both…
23 Sep 2023 44 min

Seated with Christ by Heather Holleman

Nearing her 40th birthday Author Heather Holleman found herself increasingly unsatisfied with the life of self-centeredness, jealousy and comparison that she was living when God started the process of deliverance by inviting Heather to discover the treasures that were already available to her in Christ.
2 Sep 2023 44 min

The impact of exploring God's word with Shelley Waters

Shelley Waters is a former student and graduate of the Explore correspondence course provided by the George Whitefield College. Shelley testifies to the impact of God's word in her life and is so passionate that she now facilitates a group study in her local fellowship at Christ Church Umhlanga.
26 Aug 2023 45 min

The authority of God's word with Greg and Annelie Denysschen

What is the role that God's word plays in your life? Does the bible draw you into an intimate love relationship with God? Or is it merely an ancient book written thousands of years ago with little to no relevance in your life? Today Reverend Greg and Annelie Denysschen discuss…
19 Aug 2023 38 min

The Bible Talks with Ryan van der Avoort

Bringing biblical truth, discipleship and multiplication to university campuses in KZN, The Bible Talks aims to reach one of the most influenced and influential groups of people in South Africa, students. Larise Fourie had the privilege of talking to Ryan van der Avoort on the work that God is doing…
12 Aug 2023 39 min

Journey to Missions with Nika September

Can we trust God when he calls us out of our comfort zones? On Women Today Nika September shares about her journey of obedience to God's call to the mission field.
5 Aug 2023 47 min

Transgender to Transformed with Laura Perry Smalts

Laura Perry Smalts is a former transgender whose message of transformation through Jesus Christ to restore her feminine identity can relate to those who struggle, those who have transitioned, parents and loved ones, and those in the church who want to reach them.
6 May 2023 1 hr 02 min