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Legal Luminaries

Step into the fascinating world of "Legal Luminaries," a captivating podcast series brought to you by Juta and Jacaranda FM. Hosted by television personality and author, Iman Rappetti, this JacPod Original takes you on a journey through the lives and experiences of renowned legal giants who have played a pivotal role in shaping South African law.
Join us as we sit down with esteemed guests including Judge Navi Pillay, Judge Zak Yacoob, Judge Bernard Ngoepe, and Judge Sisi Khampepe. Listen to their inspiring stories and gain a better understanding of the legal landscape that has shaped our nation's history.
Whether you're a legal enthusiast, a student of law, or simply curious about the minds behind South African democracy and human rights, "Legal Luminaries" is a must-listen.
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5 Episodes

Judge Zak Yacoob: A Journey of Transformation and Justice

In this episode of Legal Luminaries, anti-apartheid activist and former Constitutional Court judge, Zak Yacoob, shares his personal and professional life story. From experiencing life as a blind person – having lost his sight at 16 months as a result of meningitis – to seeing and overcoming his own prejudices…
28 Aug 2023 57 min

Empowering Change: The life and legal legacy of Judge Navi Pillay

“I went from office to office, mostly white law firms and mostly got the same answer. 'We cannot give you a job because we cannot have white secretaries taking instructions from a black person'…” – Judge Navi Pillay In this episode of Legal Luminaries, Judge Navi Pillay reflects on her…
21 Aug 2023 48 min