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Take A Step Back With Anne

Anne loves to go back in time for your weekly dose of music related nostalgia, but she enjoys the here and now just as much, and she loves chatting to local musicians, and influencers in a variety of fields.
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Riaan Smit On Why He Supports Have A Heart Namibia

Local musician, Riaan Smit, has just announced that he now the proud local ambassador for Have A Heart Namibia. Have A Heart Namibia is a local animal welfare organisation that provides free sterilisation to cats and dogs from low and no income homes. They believe that sterilisation saves lives.
3 Feb 2 min

African Migrant Butterflies Everywhere

Over the past week or so, Windhoek skies and gardens have been filled with light green butterflies. But why? Why are they here and what does it mean? I had a chat with Steve Braine, yes THE Steve Braine, from the Naturalist Collection in Swakopmund, and here is what he…
20 Jan 6 min

Hoekom is wilde kat gemeenskappe belangrik?

Die oorpopulasie van honde en katte is, ongelukkig, n groot, en ware probleem in Namibia. Wilde kat gemeenskappe is ook volop by baie besighede. Maar hoekom is dit belangrik om hulle daar te he? En hoe hou mens hulle gesond? Wena, van Have A Heart het al die antwoorde.
10 Jun 2023 7 min

Cooking With Fortune

I met Fortune Kangueehi at a lady's night a few weeks ago, where she hosted a cooking demonstration. After tasting her phenomenal Moroccan Meatballs, the only thing I could say was "This is unnecessary!" And believe it or not, her personality exceeds her cooking, if that is even possible. Actually…
3 Jun 2023 10 min

Kylie MinoGue, or Kylie MinO?

Do you pronounce it as Kylie Minogue, with a G sound, or do you pronounce it as having a silent G? Surely, it has always been, and will always be Kylie MinoGue, with a G.
31 May 2023 3 min

Accepting a song request for Tilly the dog.

I've worked in radio for more than a few years, and this was a first... A loving, caring dog owner, sent me a message in studio, wanting to request a song for his beloved dog, Tilly. Being an animal love myself, I reckoned... why not? Not a moment I'll forget!
30 May 2023 2 min

John Rock Prophet Onderhoud

N Onderhoud met John Rock Prophet oor sy nuutste single 'Nommer Pas', die sukses daarvan, sowel as wat hy volgende beplan.
13 May 2023 11 min