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It's lights out and away we go. Join Motorsport commentator Kriya Gangiah as well as racing experts as they bring you the latest news from the world of Formula One.
Occasionally English South Africa Sports · Sports News Narrated by Tasmin Pepper, Avon Middleton, Tschops Sipuka
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Brazil - Best of the Rest

With just 20 points separating the best of the rest, this weekend's Sprint race is the place to scoop up some extra points. Who do you think will take second place in the championship?
1 Nov 28 min

Qatar - Who will replace Sergio Perez

With Max Verstappen set to wrap up the Formula One Drivers Championship in Qatar, speculation has been circling around his teammate and his future at Red Bull, but is there a suitable replacement for the Mexican? The F1: Track This team discusses the options. Listen to the full podcast now.
4 Oct 48 min

Japan - Is the Red Bull illegal or not?

Red Bull's sudden loss in performance has left everyone scratching their heads. Rumours have started surfacing about the flexible wings and floor, but did Red Bull do anything illegal? The F1: Track This team weigh-in!
20 Sep 36 min

Monza - Was Leclerc really in the wrong in Zandvoort?

Chaos was the word of the day in Zandvoort. Not only was there 186 overtakes, but there was rain, bumper bashing and once again the mystery of the missing tires. But who was really at fault? The F1:Track This team has all the juicy details.
30 Aug 40 min

Lewis Hamilton could move from Mercedes

The summer break is finally over and there is so much action to look forward to in the second half of the 2023 season. Red Bull is eyeing the highest record to ever be set in Formula 1, Max could be World Champion in 4 races and Lewis Hamilton is…
23 Aug 33 min

Belgium - The Papayas are looking for another podium!

The last race before the summer break is always an exciting one, and this year we find ourselves in Belgium. Will McLaren have another great showing or will the Mercedes be dialed in? We chat about all this and find out exactly what it's like to race at Spa from…
26 Jul 29 min

Canada - Will Max be leaving RedBull?

Max has said that he is likely to move on from F1 after his contract with Red Bull comes to an end. How true could this be? Listen to the latest episode of Track This now.
14 Jun 40 min

Spain - It's time to finally get back on track

Does Fernando Alonso have what it takes to bring the fight to Max Verstappen and win his home Grand Prix? Half of the F1:Track This team thinks so. Listen to the latest episode to find out who.
31 May 41 min

Miami - Who would Leclerc replace at Mercedes?

Our first doubleheader for the 2023 season leads us to Miami. The rumour is that Charles Leclerc will be leaving Ferrari, but who would he replace at Mercedes? The F1: Track This team way in on his potential move.
3 May 34 min

Azerbaijan - Who will survive the shootout?

Formula One is back after 4 weeks with the first sprint weekend of the season and there are BIG changes to the format. How will this affect the teams? Listen to the latest episode of Track This to find out what our team of experts think.
26 Apr 41 min

Bahrain - The battle begins

The 2023 season gets underway in Bahrain, who will set the bar for this year? Avon Middleton's car has a very interesting opinion. Listen to the full episode now.
1 Mar 44 min
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