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The Hidden Lives of Writers

How and why writers write.

Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel are working writers - and their favourite people are writers. Join them as they dive deep into HOW and WHY successful writers write.

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Season 3 is coming!

We have an episode locked & loaded and ready to go early in 2024. Gail and Fiona are going remote, and their first guest connects from Cape Town.
2 Jan 2 min

S02 E10 Mandy Wiener

Mandy Wiener is a superstar of South African journalism. Currently the presenter of the Midday Report on 702, Mandy is the award-winning author of Killing Kebble, Behind the Door: The Oscar Pistorius and Reeva Steenkamp Story, Ministry of Crime, The Whistleblowers, and more. Mandy joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel…
20 Nov 2023 1 hr 06 min

S02 E09 Jo Watson

Jo Watson is an internationally bestselling and award-winning author of romantic comedies. Her latest huge hit is What Happens on Vacation. Jo joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how she got her start writing on Wattpad, building such a huge online audience that her first book garnered…
13 Nov 2023 1 hr 06 min

S02 E08 Craig Higginson

Craig Higginson is an award-winning novelist, playwright, and theatre director. His most recent book, The Ghost of Sam Webster, is currently making waves on the South African literary scene. Craig joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how writing for him is a thing that flows in to…
6 Nov 2023 1 hr 09 min

S02 E07 Ekow Duker

Ekow Duker is the author of White Wahala, Dying in New York, The God Who Made Mistakes, and most recently Yellowbone. Ekow was a finalist for the European Union Literary Award in 2011/2012 and is currently a judge in the fiction category of the Sunday Times Literary Awards. Ekow joins…
30 Oct 2023 57 min

S02 E06 Ndumiso Ngcobo

Humorist, columnist, author, and social media star, Ndumiso Ngcobo needs no introduction to the South African audience – his column in the Sunday Times Lifestyle section has been a beloved institution for more than fifteen years. Ndumiso joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how his early efforts…
23 Oct 2023 1 hr 08 min

S02 E05 Nechama Brodie

Nechama Brodie is a distinguished academic, journalist, novelist, and pioneer in the field of fact-checking. She joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how the different career hats she wears make her feel at times as though she has multiple personalities. Nechama talks us through how she got…
16 Oct 2023 1 hr 09 min

S02 E04 Hamilton Wende

In 1985, a young Hamilton Wende watched the South African security forces drag seven bodies into Casspirs at Crossroads township and lie about it on the evening news. Since that day, he has dedicated himself as a war reporter to keeping the record and telling the truth in wartime situations…
9 Oct 2023 1 hr 06 min

S02 E03 Kate Sidley

Prolific writer, reviewer, columnist, co-author, and ghostwriter Kate Sidley joins Fiona and Gail to educate us on the nuts and bolts of being a co-writer. Kate takes us from her earliest days as a young girl who was “good at English” growing up in a small town in England, to…
2 Oct 2023 1 hr 12 min

S02 E02 Siphiwo Mahala

Siphiwo is an award-winning novelist, short story writer, playwright, and academic. He is a noted scholar of Can Themba and the Drum generation. Siphiwo joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how academia is taking over his writing time, and the effort he puts in to keep his…
25 Sep 2023 1 hour

S02 E01 Amy Heydenrych

Amy Heydenrych has had extraordinary success in getting her books in front of major international agents. She grabbed the attention of these agents and converted their interest into significant publication deals. Amy is the author of Shame On You and The Pact, and the co-author of Chasing Marian. She has…
18 Sep 2023 59 min

S01 E11 Jonny Steinberg

We close out Season 1 on a high note with this fascinating interview with multi-award-winning author Jonny Steinberg, who was gracious enough to fit us in during his whistle-stop book tour of South Africa. Jonny joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about his greatly acclaimed portrayal of the…
7 Aug 2023 1 hr 06 min

S01 E10 Joanne Joseph

Today we welcome media personality, writer, and scholar Joanne Joseph into the studio. Joanne takes Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel through the process of having a book adapted for the audio format. She describes how she got her start in media by auditioning for YFM as an 18-year-old and then…
31 Jul 2023 1 hr 13 min

S01 E09 Fred Khumalo

Brad Pitt is in the studio! Prolific and award-winning writer Fred Khumalo talks to Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel about how he inhabited the first-person consciousness of a female protagonist in Bitches' Brew. He has the ladies hanging on his every word as he describes how the historical inspirations for…
24 Jul 2023 1 hr 12 min

S01E08 James Hendry

The massively popular author of 'A Year in the Wild' and most recently 'Return to the Wild' James Hendry joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to explain why the first suggestion that pops up when you Google his name happens to be, "is James Hendry married?". James takes us through…
17 Jul 2023 1 hr 12 min

S01E07 Zukiswa Wanner

2020 Goethe Medalist and 2023 Einstein Forum Fellow, Zukiswa Wanner, joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about her roles as a writer, publisher, curator, and speaker. Zukiswa describes how she often walks around with an idea in her mind for a long time before finally sitting down and…
10 Jul 2023 1 hr 09 min

S01E06 Yewande Omotoso

Award-winning author, Yewande Omotoso, joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how she has recently got back into writing now that her twins are two-and-a-half years old. She talks about guarding her precious Fridays because that is the time she has to devote to writing. Yewande wonders whether…
3 Jul 2023 1 hr 15 min

S01E05 Pamela Power

Pamela Power is a television scriptwriter and script editor currently working on several South African TV shows. She is the author or co-author of four well-received novels and the sober-curious memoir My Year of Not Getting Sh*tfaced. Pam joins fellow authors Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about how…
26 Jun 2023 1 hr 11 min

S01E04 Gus Silber

South Africa's favourite non-fiction writer Gus Silber joins Fiona Snyckers and Gail Schimmel to talk about his distinguished career as a journalist, columnist, reviewer, screenwriter, and speechwriter. Gus takes us all the way back to his earliest days as a reporter for a local newspaper in Krugersdorp and talks about…
19 Jun 2023 1 hr 28 min

S01E03 Niq Mhlongo

Multi-award-winning and much-translated writer Niq Mhlongo is in the studio to talk about his long and varied career. He describes how he got his start as a writer by flunking out of law school and how his early novels foreshadowed the Fees Must Fall movement. Niq tells us what to…
12 Jun 2023 1 hr 07 min
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