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Voices of Da City

Voices of da City is a 6-part series exploring race, history and resistance in Cape Town through the narrative of Hip Hop in the city from the late '80s until now.
Weekly English Explicit South Africa Music History · Politics
6 Episodes

Episode 6: YoungstaCPT, Wynberg

In Episode 6 of Voices of Da City, we're in Wynberg with YoungstaCPT. Youngsta speaks to us about the spatial divisions in Cape Town and the impact of colonisation on its people. He unpacks how struggle is the essence of Hip Hop and how the culture has evolved in Da…
20 Dec 2022 51 min

Episode 5: DrieManSkap, Gugulethu

In Episode 5 of Voices of Da City, we’re at the home of the Guguluthu 7 with DrieManSkap. Dla, Redondo and Ma-B speak to us about the spirit of resistance in Gugulethu and what it means to grow up in the township. They revisit the origins of the Spaza Movement…
13 Dec 2022 45 min

Episode 4: Isaac Mutant, Hangberg

In Episode 4 of Voices of Da City, we're at the site of the 2010 uprising in against the City of Cape Town's removal of homes, where we're engaging with Isaac Mutant. Isaac speaks about the meaning of the Uprising of Hangeberg and spatial injustice in post-apartheid South Africa. He…
6 Dec 2022 35 min

Episode 3: Shameema Williams, Bush Radio

In Episode 3 of Voices of Da City, we're at the oldest community radio station in Africa, Bush Radio with Shameema Williams. Shameema speaks to us about self-actualisation and the many social ills in society. She recalls how the legendary crew, Godessa has formed and the prominence of women MC’s…
29 Nov 2022 38 min

Episode 2: Emile YX?, Grassy Park

In Episode 2 of Voices of Da City, we're in the original office of the Heal the Hood Project in Grassy Park with Emile YX?. Emile speaks unpacks the apartheid government used education as a tool to control, and what the essence of education should be. He tells us how…
22 Nov 2022 46 min

Episode 1: DJ Ready D, District 6

In Episode 1 of Voices of Da City, we're in the District 6 Museum with DJ Ready D. He speaks about forced removals and the violence & uncertainty at the dawn of democracy. He touches on the influence of pro-Black gangster rap from the USA and the emergence & growth…
15 Nov 2022 47 min