Fresh Lunch

Meet Your Friendly Neighbourhood Dj, Arthur, your lively lunchtime companion on the airwaves! Hosting the vibrant midday show from 1 to 4, Arthur brings a delightful mix of community content, lifestyle tips, comedy, sports updates, and plenty of fun-filled segments for all ages. With a knack for infusing laughter and learning, Arthur ensures that every listener leaves with a smile. From sharing financial insights to engaging the little ones with educational tidbits, Arthur's show is a wholesome blend of entertainment and enlightenment. Tune in and join Arthur for an enriching and enjoyable radio experience every weekday afternoon!
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Lunch time chat with king Arthur, Elise, Ari and You! As they chat about men and whether or not they are allowed to cry.
17 Jul 3 min

The Namibian Dream

Lunchtime chat with King Arthur and you, as he discusses what the perfect Namibia would look like to you.
12 Jul 2 min

Solid waste management - DWN

From the development workshop Namibia, Foibe and Ngonyothi Kafula join Arthur in studio as the chat solid waste management and community influence.
19 Jun 12 min

New Beginnings Exhibition

Arthur, Laimi Kakololo (COTA Visual Arts graduates), and Ndeenda Shivute-Nakapunda (NAGN Chief Curator) chat about the annual graduate exhibition New Beginnings by College of the Arts, currently on display at the gallery. This exhibition showcases the favourable future of Namibian visual arts and crafts.
19 Jun 8 min

Live with the Ell's

Local duo, The Ell's join Arthur in studio as they talk about "Kapital Ell's" their new EP and what we can expect from the neighborhood favorites…
14 Jun 4 min

Man VS Bear

Elise, Paula and Jane join the chat with Arthur as they tackle a hypothetical, "would you rather be stuck in the woods with a man or a bear?" the answers will shock you.
4 Jun 7 min

World No Tobacco Day

Verona Du Preez, from Unihealth, she is the Social Worker Chairperson of SAAPA Namibia an NGO in field of tobacco alcohol and drug prevention treatment and rehabilitation.
31 May 3 min

Ettienne Boois Live

Local talent, Ettienne Boois joins Arthur live in studio as they chat about his musical career and his new release "For You".
20 May 7 min

Fresh in betweens

Arthur and Elize chat about the correct amount of times to shower.
16 May 5 min

Baroque Festival 2024

Conductor Xavier Cloete and Irmgard Rannersman joins Arthur live in Studio to chat Baroque music and the festival.
18 Apr 8 min
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