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The Office podcast aims to help our listeners navigate the ever changing world of work & its complexities. All work and no play is no fun so we also take office breaks (tea time) to live, laugh, gossip and explore.

Lelo, Lyton & Kea use their extensive years of experience in corporate SA to discuss career related issues. They also get experts to answer listener questions on everything office related!

During Tea Time: the trio catches up in the Pause Area to share cheeky commentary on everything celebrity & entertainment.
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Is “Turn your hobby into a profession” overrated advice?

On this week’s episode of #TheOfficePodcast @mslelob, @audacioustoni & @keagi_m navigate the possibility and challenges of turning your hobby into a profession. During Tea Time Lyton explores the South African music industry’s empowerment or lack thereof of artists and the importance of representation, particularly in fashion and product development. In…
Season 0 / Episode 52 min

Job Burnout, Are You Suffering From It?

This is it! #TheOfficePodcast Season 1 Finale. The team discusses different aspects relating to “Burn Out” following the World Health Organisation classifying Burnout as an occupational phenomenon. Learn the different ways to tackle burn out and re-aligning career goals. The 4th Industrial Revolution is the trending topic in SA so…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hour

Retrenchments : What you need to know

With the challenges COVID-19 has brought, Labour Relations matters have become pertinent to ensuring employers and employees are protected during this difficult period. In this episode, the team chats to Natasha Moni, Labour Law Specialist & Director of Moni Attorneys Incorporated. As an industry expert and commentator, Natasha gives the…
Season 0 / Episode 38 min

Dating in the Workplace

Inspired by the finale episode of Being Maryjane who married her office love, the Office Podcast Team tackles the issues that may occur should you consider pursuing a romantic relationship in the workplace. During Tea Time, Lelo and Lyton give Kea the low down on what happened on #BeingMaryJane and…
Season 0 / Episode 43 min

Your Career and Social Media : Tread Carefully

In this week’s episode, Lelo, Lyton and Kea are joined by Zandi Mthondo, who is an Attorney and Director at Truter Crous Wiggill Inc. law firm to discuss how social media can get you into trouble at work and most importantly, how to avoid it! What rights do you, as…
Season 0 / Episode 59 min

Up-skilling during the 21 day lockdown with Nomazibulo Tshanga

In episode 2 of #TheOfficePodcast, we look at great ways to maximise your time during the COVID-19 National Lock down. Whether it’s taking up an online course from a reputable online platform, or learning a new skill, this might just be the perfect time to take your career to the…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 02 min

Dear Recruiter, Why Should I Share My Payslip?

Should a candidate share their payslip with a potential employer? That’s the Office Politics topic in this week’s episode of The Office Podcast. In Out Of Office, Lelo, Lyton and Kea discuss essential items to pack when traveling and there is quite a reaction when Lyton reveals that he also…
Season 0 / Episode 53 min

Saving For Retirement with Lungi Mashigo

On Episode 2 Kea and Lyton call on the Personal Finances queen, Lungi Mashigo from Stripped Money Conversations to discuss Saving Up For Retirement. This is one of those episodes that EVERYONE should listen to. A lot of wisdom and gems were shared by the guest. Get ready to equip…
Season 0 / Episode 56 min

Are You Making These Mistakes At Work?

On this weeks episode, Lelo, Lyton and Kea review some mistakes highlighted in the book “Nice Girls Still Dont Get the Corner office” and highlight some common mistakes people make in their careers and at the office. The tea cup spills with Lyton dishing out the latest on the Colourism…
Season 0 / Episode 55 min

Take A Break with Tea Time

So much is going on , lots of bad news so it’s even more important to take a break and breathe during this time. That’s why we are bringing you an extended version of Tea Time this week. We hope you enjoy. Connect with us on Twitter & Instagram: @OfficePodcastSA…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 03 min

Before You Get Dismissed For Poor Performance

On the 7th episode of #TheOfficePodcast we tackle Performance Disciplinary Hearings and Terminations and the steps involved. This discussion enlightens you as an employee on the processes that need to be followed as required by the CCMA and labour relations law before you can be slapped with a warning for…
Season 0 / Episode 35 min

Job Seeking Advice From A Professional

On this week’s episode of #TheOfficePodcast, the team chats to Nombulelo Qali who is a recruitment specialist. This conversation looks to help job seekers make the most of their job hunting experience by tackling the biggest Do’s and Don’ts. Could we possibly be sabotaging our chances of getting our dream…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 03 min

Covid-19 And My Money

The team chats to Bright Khumalo (the Dividend Papi), Portfolio Manager at Vestact and host of Business Day TV show “Velocity” on our money and investment matters as the world battles COVID-19. Which stocks are worth investing in during this time? How should I prepare for rainy days on our…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 17 min

Stay Out of Office Politics

This week on the Office Podcast, the topic is office Politics and whether or not to stay away from office gossip. We also discuss the Khanyi Dhlomo/Ndalo Media CCMA saga , Scoop Makhathini’s heartbreak antics and go to Port Elizabeth for our Out Of Office. Share your feedback on #TheOfficePodcast
Season 0 / Episode 51 min

LIVE: Still Working From Home

In this week’s episode we catch up LIVE on Facebook with our listeners and talk about how we are adjusting with Working From Home and the different interventions different employers are introducing to help their employees cope during the pandemic. Connect with us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram: @OfficePodcastSA. The…
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 03 min

How To Be Productive While Working From Home

We are back! This brand new episode of #TheOfficePodcast tackles the challenges of COVID19 and its impact on employees, employers, and the working environment. Tune in to get tips on how to be productive whilst working from home and how you can keep yourself sane as we navigate this challenging…
Season 0 / Episode 43 min

Negotiating Salaries and Increases

Salary and increased discussions can be daunting for the young professional. Learn some tips and tricks from Lerato Kadiaka, MD at African Mabition Consulting.
Season 0 / Episode 51 min

The Future Of Work

The Office Podcast is back with a 3rd season. In this episode, Kea & Lyton catch up on the last year, and what the future of work looks like. Find out what to expect in Season 3 and get your kettle ready, tea time is LIT!
Season 0 / Episode 1 hr 03 min

The impact of COVID-19 on business

In episode 4 of #TheOfficePodcast, the team tries to understand how business leaders are impacted by covid19, making sure "it's business as usual" for their teams and clients. How are SMME's using creative ways to make sure they stay afloat; and an interview with Deanne Chatterton, CEO of Instinctif Partners…
Season 0 / Episode 48 min

Work-Life Integration: A Possibility or Myth?

On this week’s episode of #TheOfficePodcast we tackle work-life balance, is it a myth or is it possible? We explore what other countries are doing with regards to this and also what are the key steps to take to achieve this? During tea time we “sing” praises to Sjava on…
Season 0 / Episode 43 min
1 – 20