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The Vibe Drive with G & Yanika

Your workday is almost over and G & Yanika are here to accompany you on your drive home with the latest in gaming and tech news, jokes that will make you crack, and a mean music mix.
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Zubin AKA Squidward

Zubin admits that he is most like Squidward. Plus, you'll never guess who his grandfather is.
19 Jun 10 min

Kapital Ell's

The Ell's, formerly known as Emmanuel and Slickartie, have made it big going to their first international festival, having their first award nomination and releasing their debut EP, Kapital Ell's.
14 Jun 11 min

Lee Cole has us 'BLIND'

Lee was such a blast to talk to, that we will probably be friends for life? What you think?
10 Apr 9 min

Do you speak one of the fastest languages?

It’s easy to get the impression that native speakers can churn out sentences far faster than your brain can process. Surely you don’t speak this rapidly in your mother tongue? Here's the facts - some languages may indeed be “faster” than others.
25 Mar 6 min

Loufi Flippen Loufi

Loufi talks about how he started out in the music industry, more so watching people doing B-Boy and Hip-Hop on the streets for fun, and what he hopes to make people feel through his music.
22 Mar 3 min

Price Check

Don't you wish you could still pay $2.75 for a litre of milk? We do…
13 Mar 5 min

Phone Obsessions

If you think Teens are on their phones too much, we're about burst your bubble.
13 Mar 5 min

Yanika's First Valentine

George decided he was man enough to ask Yanika to be his Valentine for 2024. Will she accept?
14 Feb 2 min

Alfred Adriaan - Unfit and Forty

One of our absolute favourite comedians graced us with his jokes, laughs and knowledge. Now all we need to do is go see him in action.
5 Dec 2023 13 min

Black Friday Safety Tips

With Black Friday around the corner, we all need to be aware of our financial safety, whether you're shopping online or in person. So don't forget these tips.
23 Nov 2023 2 min

Shane Beukes - Namibia's Chris Brown

Shane, who is now known as the Chris Brown of Namibia, talks to us about his journey to his point of fame on social media that even Ciara and Chris Brown have noticed him and given him praise.
21 Nov 2023 15 min

Rebel Bunny's Ticket To Mars

Rebel Bunny, the fiery and fearless alter-ego act of the multi-talented musician and vocalist Amy Tjasink, is set to take the music world by storm.
10 Nov 2023 8 min

Sea of Green Live

In preparation for the Camp Rock Festival happening 3-5 November 2023, we spoke to Charlie from the band Sea of Green to catch up and find out what to expect from their set.
2 Nov 2023 5 min

WONDERboom Live

In preparation for the Camp Rock Festival happening 3-5 November 2023, we spoke to Cito from the band WONDERboom to catch up and get some more history on the band.
31 Oct 2023 6 min

Tavio Felix - MUN Delegate

Tavio gives us some "intel" into what it takes to be a part of the Model United Nations taking place this year.
24 Oct 2023 6 min
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