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The Vibe Drive with G & Yanika

Your workday is almost over and G & Yanika are here to accompany you on your drive home with the latest in gaming and tech news, jokes that will make you crack, and a mean music mix.
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Synthetic Alcohol

Could this be the solution to many issues related to drinking? We just think it's the best cure for a hangover!
6 Sep 2 min

France. Send us the WINE!

France is now paying wine makers to destroy N$4 Billion of wine because there is too much. We have figured out a way to dispose of the wine in a smart way.
4 Sep 3 min

Zwicky and Jono... New Release?

Yanika catches up with Zwicky from South African Pop Duo Zwicky and Jono to talk about The More I Fall In Love and more.
2 Sep 5 min

Under The Hanging Tree

An in depth talk with Perivi Katjavivi and Girly Jazama on the Namibian film Under The Hanging Tree.
28 Aug 10 min

Response to the Middle Finger

What would you respond to a middle finger in the middle of a road rage episode? We've got some ideas for you.
22 Aug 3 min

Barbie Soundtrack

Looking at how the soundtrack did on the charts and how well each song fit scenes in the movie.
31 Jul 4 min

Child Boxing. Yay or Nay?

Do you think professional boxing for children as a sport should start as young as 9 years old? We look at both sides of the coin.
27 Jul 4 min
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