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Vaguely News - 11 November

Minister Finicky My Balloon Guy to save the Proteas Former Presidents Jacob Looter and Donald Rump launch new party Rassie NO Fussy Erasmus to become a Global Rugby ambassador
11 Nov 3 min

Vaguely News - 4 November

Minister Already a Panda resigns as CEO for Rusty Federation Tourism South Africa U.S. V.P. Kamala Let-Me-Show You confirms all is well with President Joe Hidin Pres. Squirrel Rum & Cola makes new promises
4 Nov 3 min

Vaguely News - 28 October

World Thugby appoints interpreter for World Cup final All Blacks renamed All Purples Rassie No Fussy Erasmus not concerned about final result
28 Oct 2 min

Vaguely News - 14 October

All Blacks slam Springboks playing style Springboks to perform war dance before matches Springbok emblem to be scrapped
14 Oct 3 min

Vaguely News - 23 September

Springbok coach, Shark Nie Nou Nie, confirms 15-0 split Charlie’s Over There On appointed SA tourism ambassador to US Minister of Sparks and Farts, Ag I Said So Rama Son’t So, to end loadshedding
23 Sep 2 min

Vaguely News - 16 September 2023

World Thugby chief, Sir Willy So What, slams Springbok away jersey Exclusive interview with multiple fatherer, Elongated Rusk
16 Sep 3 min

Vaguely News - 9 September

Scottish coach calls for Boks to be tested for human gene. President Squirrel Rum & Cola says people must stop moaning about loadshedding. King Charms III sells the UK to US consortium.
9 Sep 3 min

Vaguely News - 2 September

SA Government is not responsible for anything. Rassie reacts to new World Rugby rule. The UN asks South Africa to take over Zimbabwe
2 Sep 3 min

Vaguely News - 26 August

Trump buys Greenland Pres Squirrel Rum & Cola reflects on Hosting The Sticks Nations Conference Kiwi coach, Ian Foster responds to Loss
26 Aug 2 min

Vaguely News - 19 August 2023

Wallabies coach, Eddie Moans, moans. Welsh flanker Taine Basham-in-the-Head banned for headbutting and Going Sterile Opposition Leader, Long Steamhouse-Bin, outlines the Kumbaya Koalition.
19 Aug 2 min

Vaguely News

Rassie explains new Bok Kit Exclusive interview with Former President Jacob Zuma about his release U.S. Scientists in bid to locate President Rum & Cola's spine
12 Aug 3 min

Vaguely News

Dep President Paul Mashed-Potatoes opens his homes to the homeless Elongated Rusk upgrades X with Y and Z Nick Rabbit discusses Boks World Cup Campaign
5 Aug 2 min

Vaguely News

Arnold Schwarzenegger shoots movie in SA President Rum and Cola launches IQ Shedding US Pres. Joe Hiding replaces Pres. Gluten at The Take Your Daddy to Work Summit in Cape Town
22 Jul 3 min

Vaguely News

Interview with All Black coach, Ian Foster. President Rum and Cola assures South Africans of loadshedding implementation Former President, Jacob Looter, sighted in the Rusty Federation
15 Jul 3 min

Vaguely News

Exclusive interview with Rassie Erasmus and Eddie Jones
8 Jul 3 min

Vaguely News

SA 2024 elections may be cancelled Rusty Federation leader, Flabby-Beer Gluten, appeals for assistance Boris Johnson launches U.S. Presidential bid
1 Jul 3 min

Vaguely News

The Rob Vega Show, Saturdays 9am-12pm on HOT 102.7FM, Dstv Channel 822 and on
10 Jun 2 min

Vaguely News

The Rob Vega Show, Saturdays 9am-12pm on HOT 102.7FM, Dstv Channel 822 and on
3 Jun 2 min

Vaguely News

Prince Harry’s New York Paparazzi romantic car chase game President Joe Hidin’ defends President Rum and Cola Former Eishkom supremo Undies Are Tighter explains why he took the job
20 May 2 min
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