Namibia Future Media Metro & NOVA 1035 Community Heroes

Metro & NOVA 1035 Community Heroes

Metro and NOVA has been rewarding Community Heroes - people who, without reward and recognition, serve their communities.
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20 Episodes

Metro Community Hero - Romanzo. A. P Steenkamp

In Katutura there is a centre called Lidar Community Foundation. When Covid 19 appeared on the horizon, Romanzo Steenkamp vowed Never to Surrender or Give up. Romanzo is unemployed and homeless himself. But yet in his own inadversities he keeps giving back to the community. Living his dream sharing humanity,…
20 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Thomas Kashongo

Heroes come in many forms. Tomas Kashongo is a resident in Opuwo who donated food and other goods to the families that affected by Covid, using his own resources
20 Sep 2021 1 min

Metro Community Hero - Emogine Bohitile

Emogine is a law student at the University of Namibia. As part of her Community impact initiative, Emogine had made the decision to aid the Namibian Correctional Services Facility in the extension of their Hydroponic and Aquaponics fruit and vegetable garden. So far, Emogine has aided the facility with the…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Leigh Pascheka-Husselmann

She distributes immune boosting vitamins with surgical masks and hand sanitizers to the less fortunate people to help combat COVID19. Even unemployed as paramedic, she offers her services for free for those seeking medical assistance or advice at home.
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Elodine Cloete Sacco

Elodine started the Rehoboth Mommies in Need project at the beginning of the Covid 19 pandemic. Since then, she has helped countless women, men and children in Rehoboth, providing them with meals, clothing and other basic necessities. She however relies on support from good samaritans. Her relentless drive to help…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Matthew Smit

Integrity means doing a good deed without wanting any recognition for it. Well one of the many good deeds Matt did recently, he made proper doggy houses and donated it to the SPCA along with warm blankets for the puppies for this cold winter we had. Credit is definitely due…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Jacki Detlof-Wismer

Jacki runs Wismer Ecke, a German deli shop in the heart of Swakopmund that was severely hit during Covid, yet despite her own financial setbacks, she reached out to family and friends on Facebook offering to make delicious, nutritious soup for those unable to afford it or who were sick…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Wilhelmien Redelinghuys

This hero supported the whole community throughout Covid, and continue to do so by regularly sending out "check-up" messages to everyone to see how they are doing, and if you are not doing so good, she go to your house and assist you where she can. She is a registered…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Petra Dillmann

Petra Dillmann is the founder and director of the Autism Association of Namibia. As a mother with a child with Austin she helps promote the well-being of persons with spectrum disorders with in Namibia and to provide a network between the various Autism organizations world wide. Her aim is to…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Bianca Mokhatu

She is the founder of Hopeful Children Center. She is an awesome beautiful woman with a huge heart for everybody, but especially for the vulnerable children. She feeds them, teach them, is a mother for some that doesn't have the support of their own mom. She is their support. She…
16 Sep 2021 4 min

Metro Community Hero - Tilla Isaacs

Tilla is a pensioner. Not working nor earning a salary, just her pension funds. Yet she has a heart of gold, helping the community by feeding and clothing over 400 kids in our city. She has a little yet gives a lot. Especially in this pandemic that we are all…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Hannerola Schmidt

The past 3 months has been very difficult for all of us due to the pandemic. The person I nominated had been there for us, her co-workers, patients and family members. Her prayers,dedication and hard work change our lives. Although we lost some patients, her commitment and strong words kept…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Frieda Kemuiko

Frieda is usually feeding and supervising 40 preschool children from families in need in Havana. During the time of Covid19 and especially through lockdown, when she was not allowed to accommodate the children at her Kindergarden, through Havana Soup Kitchen' she supported a number of pensioners, many of whom had…
16 Sep 2021 7 min

Metro Community Hero - Serena Van Rhyn

She collects funds in order to buy oxygen machines for people of the community who are in need of oxygen. The machines are given out for free for people who has COVID 19 and are in need of oxygen. The machines are distributed all over Namibia for people who needs…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Ronel Peters

Ruach Elohim is a non-profit, Voluntary Association in Namibia focusing on the awareness and prevention of baby dumping, as well as the care of unwanted, abandoned, abused and neglected babies in Namibia. Ruach Elohim means Breath of God. Before and during the Covid pandemic Ronel opened her heart and house…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Daleen Agenbagh

She does more than anybody I know for the whole community of Hentiesbay. She is involved with the Covid house in Henties, she always has a smile on her face. She is involved in everything community in Henties Bay. Help getting oxgen machines to sick people in Henties bay, but…
16 Sep 2021 2 min

Metro Community Hero - Selma Lucas

Selma Lucas is one of the gifted community heroes who is doing wonderful things in the community such as feeding vulnerable and orphan kids in Hakahana Windhoek. She also gives clothes to the kid's each year, plus some gifts for Christmas each December to these kids. Lastly she has a…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Yvonne von Holtz

Yvonne started the Local Tourism Is Lekker initiative in March 2020 when state of emergency was declared. She knew it would have a dire impact on the tourism sector so she made it her mission to promote domestic tourism to mitigate the Covid-19 impact on tourism jobs and businesses. She…
16 Sep 2021 3 min

Metro Community Hero - Huipie van Wyk

Huipie van Wyk does amazing work in Namibia to uplift disabled children. She runs a centre called Side by Side Early Intervention Centre. Huipie does all this in spite of the fact that she herself has a child that is severely disabled with cerebral palsy. She is just selfless. She…
16 Sep 2021 4 min