Heartlines is a South African-based NGO that aims to be part of addressing some of the issues facing society. This is a podcast of radio ßhows which air at GNCR on Fridays at 18hrs .
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12 Episodes

Heartlines 16-09-2022

KwaZulu-Natal Heartlines Champion Craig Bouchier joins Larise Fourie at 18:00 on GNCR 93.6fm to start the conversation on why father's matter, sharing from his own experience as a son and a father.
16 Sep 2022 29 min

Heartlines 9 September 2022

Larise Fourie is joined by Solami Myeni a business consultant who works with the ministry Single Moms Raising Sons to help men find healing and encourage them to build into the lives of the boys around them.
9 Sep 2022 27 min

Heartlines 26 August 2022

Larise Fourie is joined by associate Pastor at Grace Family Church Cornubia and KZN Heartlines champion Garth Gaillard who shares the eight key themes behind the Father's Matter campaign.
26 Aug 2022 28 min

Heartlines Fathers Matter Films

Do fathers matter? Although statistics say yes there is a very popular narrative in society that rejects the necessity of positive Male role models for a successful society... and yet many social ills are directly related to absent or negative father figures. To change the narrative Heartlines has produced 6…
19 Aug 2022 36 min

Fathers Matter Ambassador

In this episode the Heartlines team tackles the issues of young fathers that struggle with in the current social structures.
29 Jul 2022 22 min

Values and Money: Generosity in Giving

According to Anne Frank who died in Nazi concentration camp “No one has ever become poor by giving”. In this episode of heartlines we are joined by guest Craig Bouchier on the topic of Generosity in giving as we end off a series on Value and money.
10 Jun 2022 29 min

Money and Values: Romie Govender

In this episode Romie Govender is back again and this time she speaks about the challenges and positives when it comes to Debt Counselling.
25 May 2022 20 min

Debt Counselling

In this week's episode we have a special guest, Romie Govender, an experienced Debt Counsellor. Romie unpacks the many processes in dealing with credit and understanding the basic regulations of the industry.
20 May 2022 34 min

Values and Money: Our Spending

In this episode Monica and Craig have a heartfelt conversation about priorities in spending as well as unnecessary debt.
6 May 2022 26 min

Fathers Matter: The Extended Family

In our research at Heartlines we found that often the extended family can often act as gatekeepers which limits the Fathers Involvement in the children’s life.
16 Jul 2021 29 min